Month: March 2019

Web Content Role In Search Engine Optimization Process

Search engine optimization is no longer confined to link building and creating search engine friendly pages. Today search engine optimization requires a more holistic and complete approach, one of the most important components of search engine optimization today is content. Google and other seo brisbane have already hinted at the importance of content, and its not uncommon for sites with better content but lower page rank, to outrank sites that have higher page rank but lower content.

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It is important for webmasters to use content to their advantage; the first place where content has to be optimized is on the website itself. Web content is constantly indexed by all search engines, and the content on any website is what decides the popularity of the site with search engines. The most important aspect of optimizing web content is keyword density. An ideal site should have the targeted keyword density close to 5%. Although there are various schools of thought regarding the keyword density that a site should have to make it effective, the truth is that keyword density is important for optimizing a website.

Apart from the keyword density of your content, another thing that makes a difference is on page optimization of the content, essentially which text is bold, underlined or is H1. Google and other search engines recognize content by not just keyword density, the placement of the position and properties of the content are also equally important. If you are looking to optimize or market a site, the … Read More . . .