Day: May 17, 2019

Download Social Media Marketing Framework

Integrating Your Online Marketing Efforts

Download Social Media Marketing Framework

Online marketing effort is maximised when the channels used are integrated. The world of online marketing has changed beyond recognition in recent years, particularly with the addition of social media marketing. There are many new skill sets involved and this can sometimes result in a lack of coherence in the overall marketing approach of organisations. Very often, different people are responsible for the various channels used in marketing. This applies to offline as well as online.

Offline and online marketing campaigns

If you are using Google Analytics to track your site usage, then one helpful approach is to use annotations. This facility allows for add a note to certain dates with information which is relevant to an offline campaign. For example, traffic on your site may experience a sharp increase during a radio advertising campaign. Annotations allow you to add details of this to analytics so that your tracking can reflect the full picture.

Relationship between SEO and PPC

Sometimes those responsible for the Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine advertising, often a Google AdWords campaign, are not concerned with the search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the site. This is a mistake as the these online marketing channels are closely related. Indeed, many would argue that SEO cannot be effectively carried out until a PPC campaign has identified highly converting keywords for the site. PPC can quickly identify which keywords being targeted are resulting in the best sales for example. … Read More . . .