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Download Social Media Marketing Framework

Integrating Your Online Marketing Efforts

Download Social Media Marketing Framework

Online marketing effort is maximised when the channels used are integrated. The world of online marketing has changed beyond recognition in recent years, particularly with the addition of social media marketing. There are many new skill sets involved and this can sometimes result in a lack of coherence in the overall marketing approach of organisations. Very often, different people are responsible for the various channels used in marketing. This applies to offline as well as online.

Offline and online marketing campaigns

If you are using Google Analytics to track your site usage, then one helpful approach is to use annotations. This facility allows for add a note to certain dates with information which is relevant to an offline campaign. For example, traffic on your site may experience a sharp increase during a radio advertising campaign. Annotations allow you to add details of this to analytics so that your tracking can reflect the full picture.

Relationship between SEO and PPC

Sometimes those responsible for the Pay Per Click (PPC) search engine advertising, often a Google AdWords campaign, are not concerned with the search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the site. This is a mistake as the these online marketing channels are closely related. Indeed, many would argue that SEO cannot be effectively carried out until a PPC campaign has identified highly converting keywords for the site. PPC can quickly identify which keywords being targeted are resulting in the best sales for example. … Read More . . .

Web Content Role In Search Engine Optimization Process

Search engine optimization is no longer confined to link building and creating search engine friendly pages. Today search engine optimization requires a more holistic and complete approach, one of the most important components of search engine optimization today is content. Google and other seo brisbane have already hinted at the importance of content, and its not uncommon for sites with better content but lower page rank, to outrank sites that have higher page rank but lower content.

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It is important for webmasters to use content to their advantage; the first place where content has to be optimized is on the website itself. Web content is constantly indexed by all search engines, and the content on any website is what decides the popularity of the site with search engines. The most important aspect of optimizing web content is keyword density. An ideal site should have the targeted keyword density close to 5%. Although there are various schools of thought regarding the keyword density that a site should have to make it effective, the truth is that keyword density is important for optimizing a website.

Apart from the keyword density of your content, another thing that makes a difference is on page optimization of the content, essentially which text is bold, underlined or is H1. Google and other search engines recognize content by not just keyword density, the placement of the position and properties of the content are also equally important. If you are looking to optimize or market a site, the … Read More . . .

Save Money and Stay Cool This Summer

Central air conditioners are considered to be more efficient than room air conditioners. It is important to have the right size air conditioner to meet your home’s needs. Larger units, while thought to be generally more efficient, will not operate efficiently if they are over-sized. This will cause them to cycle on and off more frequently rather than running for longer, more efficient periods.

High efficiency units generally cost more, but these units can pay for themselves overtime by reducing your energy consumption, helping keep those bills lower. Newer air conditioning units can use up to half the electricity that older air conditioner installation cost.

Helpful Tips to Help You Save Money

Homeowners can save money by setting the thermostat on the air conditioning unit at 25C or higher. Each half-degree setting below 26AC will increase your energy consumption by approximately 8%. Keep the indoor and outdoor coils clean and free from dirt and dust build up, as this is the most common cause for poor efficiency. Be sure to check the refrigerant charge, if you are unable to do this, you may need a service contractor to check the fluid to adjust it properly for maximum cooling efficiency.

Other Tips to Help Keep Costs Down in Summer

To help keep costs down and help to keep cool in the summer months, try not using dish washing machines and other heat generating appliances until later in the evening as the temperatures cool down. Keep the house closed tight during … Read More . . .

How Increase In Tissue Paper Demand Can Push The Pulp Market

An abundant raw material, pulp is a fibrous substance synthesized by separating cellulose fibers chemically or mechanically from wood, fiber crops, rags or waste paper. Pulp can then be converted into paper or sold as market pulp which is then used to make consumer products such as tissue paper, diapers, specialty papers, packaging, and other absorbent products.

Due to digitalization, the demand for paper is dropping, nevertheless, the demand for tissue paper continues to rise globally and is the largest end-user segment for the global pulp market. Tissue papers are used in the form of toilet paper, facial tissues, paper towels, and wipes. Growing population and influence of western lifestyle choices in emerging markets are factors that further drive the demand for tissue papers.

The global demand for all tissue paper in 2017 reached 37.1 million tons, giving a boost to market pulp suppliers as there was an increased demand for tissue paper that uses entirely market pulp. Bathroom tissue formed the biggest growth area, with an increased demand for premium and ultra-premium grades of tissue paper.   

Here is a look at the demands for tissue paper across global markets:

North America

The trend of tissue papers can be traced back to North America which popularized the usage of bathroom papers, which then influenced other nations. Toilet paper is the largest segment of the tissue paper market in North America and a significant amount is exported as well.

Facial tissues and absorbency tissues are also gaining popularity due to innovations … Read More . . .

Money Saving Ideas When Shopping on Amazon – Little Known Buyers’ Secrets!

is probably the most prominent website that brought e-commerce to the common man. Although there were other sites that offered goods in exchange for money paid online, Amazon was one of the popular sites that really promoted the concept of online shopping. Amazon started by selling books over the Internet, but it soon diversified immensely to the extent that you can get almost anything on Amazon today. It has grown from being an online book shop to becoming a major e-commerce platform for worldwide trade. But what does this mean to the common man and woman who use the site today for shopping? One of the main benefits is the amount of money that you can save while shopping at Amazon.
Some of the cost savings of using Amazon for shopping are apparent and obvious to everyone. Since the site sells a wide range of items, you can buy many of the goods you need from one source which can save you a lot of time, effort and money. But many of the other ways in which you can save money while shopping at Amazon is not known to many people. We will therefore explore a few ways in which you can save quite a lot of money, as listed below:

Look for Today’s Deal

Use the FREE Super Saver Shipping feature

Use Amazon Discount Codes

Search for Promotional Codes

Subscribe to Newsletters for Discount codes

Visit Forums for Discount codes

Prepare a list of Websites/Blogs on Discount codes
Today’s … Read More . . .