How to Install Software Properly

For computer users, surely you are no stranger to the name install-install software. Yes, the job is very easy to do. Because in general, we just click Next, Then Finish to complete the installation of the software. But as time goes by, for some reason, your computer gets slower, or even acts weird after installing that software.

 It may be because you made a mistake during software installation. Additional features in the software that you do not really need are also installed. Well, so at other times it does not happen again, it helps you follow some tips how to install software below. Read Also : software development portfolio

  1. Know the Origin of Software

Along with its development technology, more and more sites appear free or paid software providers. Not infrequently there is also a “fake” website that provides free software and when installed, it turns out the software contains a malicious program.

If you want to download the software you need on the internet, make sure the software only comes from a trusted website. And it would be nice if you download directly from the official website of the software maker.

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  1. Know Computer Specifications Before Installing Software

Before installing, be aware of your computer specifications first. Because, not all computers are suitable for a software.

A software will require adequate computer specifications to be able to run the software. Therefore, make sure the information about the specifications required by the software in accordance with the specifications of your computer.

  1. Site Selection (Directory) Storage For Installation

I suggest, do not install all software on drive C. If drive C is too full, it will slow down computer performance. Do not let you choose a drive where space required for software installation (Space Required) is greater than the space remaining on the drive (Space Available). If it is in force, then the installation process will not run.

And always reserve empty space on the drive to optimize operating system performance.

many toolbars can slow down internet access and computer performance. So, uncheck the install toolbar option even if there is a recommendation to install the toolbar.

that’s how to install good and correct software, so many articles from us, may be useful.